Nanny’s Goodies®

These are some of our favourite childhood family recipes. Some created by Nanny and others handed down from many generations.
All unique and great tasting, with French Canadian origins from New Brunswick and Quebec, Canada.

Sugar Knot Donut
• • •
A succulent pastry dough type donut injected and soaked in a special syrup. No eggs. (Serve slightly warm)

Chewy Molasses Cookie
• • •
Chewy and very tasty. Just like taffee. (Serve warm or as is. Also great as a desert with your favorite ice cream and sauce)

Cream Fudge (Sucre-à-la-crème)
• • •
Fudge without butter! Rich creamy in texture that melts in your mouth. Family recipe handed down from many generations.

Sugar Pie
• • •
No butter or egg pie! Tastes like a butter tart with a twist. (Serve as is or warm. Delicious with ice cream)

Pulled Taffee
• • •
A very tasty mouth watering candy.

All Goodies are nut free and should be refrigerated to maintain freshness.
All can be refrigerated for many weeks or frozen for months for future consumption.

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