Carrier Benefits

Your job is to move your trucks.
Our job is to find you the Customers to fill them!

A “No Cost” added sales
and variable cost option.

As a Carrier you can expect direct professional and knowledgeable industry representation that handles a multitude of support services while operating on a variable cost basis.

Increase Sales and Revenue

Once onboard you can expect your business to grow.
Exponential growth potential in revenue and coverage area.

• • •

Senior Sales and Logistics Expertise

Seasoned sales representative with over 20 years of full supply chain experience.
Knowledgeable in all modes of transportation within multiple industries.

• • •

Increased Industry connections and Carrier Group Collaboration

• • •

Dispatch Back-up and Operational Support

Full back-up support offering coverage alternatives.
Added resources to fulfill customers’ needs.

• • •

Analysis and Supply Chain Expertise

• • •

Ongoing Problem solving and Account Management Function

Direct Customer Relationship, Dispatch and Billing. No More Brokerage

Flexible in structure dependent on customer type and needs.
Fully integrated with the customer for all services rendered.

• • •

Free Advertising and Sale/Customer Development

Customer sourcing and development.
Direct copy on customer communication and quotations.
Carrier signature and contact information.

• • •

Expansion of services because of specific customer needs

Customer opportunities present themselves all the time driving services and expansion.

• • •

Quality Customers and Rewarding Partnerships

All customer direct.
No more brokerage.

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